Julie Doyle

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There is a high prevalence of falls in older adults. It has been recognised that a highly challenging balance and strength retraining program can reduce the incidence of falls significantly. This paper describes the design and initial evaluation of a home-based interactive technology solution to deliver a personalised, physiotherapist prescribed exercise(More)
The salmonellae are a diverse group of bacteria within the family Enterobacteriaceae that includes two species, Salmonella enterica and Salmonella bongori. In order to characterize the phylogenetic relationships of the species and subspecies of Salmonella, we analyzed four housekeeping genes, gapA, phoP, mdh and recA, comprising 3,459 bp of nucleotide(More)
In this paper we discuss the importance of feedback in therapeutic exergaming. It is widely believed that exergaming benefits the patient in terms of encouraging adherence and boosting the patient's confidence of correct execution and feedback is essential in achieving these. However, feedback and in particular visual feedback, may also have potential(More)
As people age, social connections can be lost due to a number of factors. Technology can enhance an older person's social connectedness, facilitating the creation of new connections, as well as the maintenance of existing ones. As part of the Building Bridges project, a communication device was deployed in 9 older adult's homes and evaluated over a period(More)
AIMS To determine which symptoms experienced by patients admitted to a specialist palliative care unit are self-reported (SR) and which are only detected with systematic questioning (SQ). METHODS A retrospective chart review was performed of 50 patients. The admission proforma was reviewed to determine symptoms present, which were SR, and which were only(More)
Permission is granted to quote short excerpts and to reproduce figures and tables from this report, provided that the source of such material is fully acknowledged. Abstract Long term digital preservation, the process of maintaining digital objects through time to ensure continued access, has become a crucial issue in recent years. Whilst the amount of(More)
Independent living technologies are fast gaining interest within both academia and industry, amid the realization that the world’s population is ageing. Technology can increase the quality of life of older people, allowing them to age-in-place and helping them to remain physically, cognitively and socially engaged with their environment. However, little(More)
A significant body of research investigates the acceptance of computer-based support (including devices and applications ranging from e-mail to specialized clinical systems, like PACS) among clinicians. Much of this research has focused on measuring the usability of systems using characteristics related to the clarity of interactions and ease of use. We(More)