Julie D. Pietrzak

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A new unstructured grid, finite volume ocean model is described, that is suitable for flooding and drying problems. Here we derive the finite volume analogue of the P 1 −P1 finite element, by interpreting the advective term in the continuity equation in a flux sense. A corresponding non-overlapping control volume is then selected for the momentum equation.(More)
Research highlights  Examination of SST and SPM images of the southern North Sea shows pronounced mesoscale variability.  The Rhine ROFI, East-Anglia Plume and a seasonal thermal front dominate SST and SPM signals.  Harmonic analysis highlights pronounced seasonal and spring–neap variability.  Tides and waves control stratification and hence the(More)
Eindige elementen modellering van transport en niet-hydrostatische stroming in de waterloopkunde Finite element modelling of transport and non-hydrostatic flow in environmental fluid mechanics Proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Technische Universiteit Delft, op gezag van de Rector Magnificus prof. dr. ir. Preface The studies and(More)
Measurements of turbulent fluctuations of horizonturbulence field to changes in velocity shear and density mass are governed by energetic turbulent structures produced by velocity shear, while at large stratification and weak shear remnants of transports by energetic turbulent structures in the past induce convective motions. These convective motions begin(More)
The South-Holland coast of the Netherlands undergoes the influence of the Rhine river plume released from the Rotterdam waterways. An experiment, STRAINS, was conducted to study the impact of the fresh water on the nearshore hydrodynamics and sand transport. As part of the experiment, an instrumented bottom frame measured the near-bed hydrodynamics at 12 m(More)
The molecular structure of free radicals formed in gamma-irradiated monoclinic and orthorhombic single crystals of hydrated testosterone were investigated by EPR spectroscopy. Two different types of radical were observed. In the monoclinic form, the radical arises by the loss of a hydrogen atom from the carbon atom C(2), whereas, in the orthorhombic form,(More)
The approaches taken to describe and develop spatial discretisations of the domains required for geophysical simulation models are commonly ad hoc, model or application specific and under-documented. This is particularly acute for simulation models that are flexible in their use of multi-scale, anisotropic, fully unstructured meshes where a relatively large(More)
The 63Cu and 65Cu NQ R transitions in powder samples o f cuprous oxide have been in­ vestigated from 77 to 500 K and at room temperature after annealing up to 1100 K Significant differences in T \ , NQ R linewidth A v, and their temperature dependences were found among the samples prepared in different ways. For Cu20 samples obtained in low temperatures(More)