Julie Charpentier

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A copper-catalyzed fluoroalkylation-cyclization sequence of alkenes and alkynes enables the synthesis of fluorinated tetra- and dihydroimidazopyridines in moderate to excellent yields within 1 h at 70 °C. This reaction, which is carried out using copper(I) acetate as the catalyst, makes use of a new class of functionalized tetrafluoroethyl reagents based on(More)
Objectives This study aimed to describe the ultrasonographic, endoscopic and histological characteristics of the caecum and ileocaecocolic junction in cats suffering from chronic clinical signs compatible with caecocolic disease. Methods Cats presenting with clinical signs suggestive of a caecocolic disease were prospectively recruited. All cats underwent(More)
Objectives The aim of the study was to describe the ultrasonographic and endoscopic appearance and characteristics of the caecum in asymptomatic cats, and to correlate these findings with histology. Methods Ex vivo ultrasonographic and histologic evaluations of a fresh caecum were initially performed. Then, 20 asymptomatic cats, privately owned or(More)