Julie Champagne

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Enterococci are now frequent causative agents of nosocomial infections. In this study, we analyzed the frequency and distribution of antibiotic resistance and virulence genotypes of Enterococcus isolates from broiler chickens. Fecal and cecal samples from nine commercial poultry farms were collected to quantify total enterococci. Sixty-nine presumptive(More)
Several studies have assessed the effects of the released oil on microbes, either during or immediately after the Deepwater Horizon accident. However, little is known about the potential longer-term persistent effects on microbial communities and their functions. In this study, one water column station near the wellhead (3.78 km southwest of the wellhead),(More)
Duration and location of breaks in time interval production were manipulated in various conditions of stimulus presentation (Experiments 1-4). Produced intervals shortened and then stabilized as break duration lengthened, suggesting that participants used the break as a preparatory period to restart timing as quickly as possible at the end of the break.(More)
A DNA microarray (Enteroarray) was designed with probes targeting four species-specific taxonomic identifiers to discriminate among 18 different enterococcal species, while other probes were designed to identify 18 virulence factors and 174 antibiotic resistance genes. In total, 262 genes were utilized for rapid species identification of enterococcal(More)
DNA microarray analyses revealed that clusters of repetitive extragenic palindromic PCR-related Escherichia coli isolates were isogenic only within interstitial Lake Huron beach water samples and not in surrounding waters. This suggested that adaptation and growth occurred within the interstitial water sites tested. All isolates were nonpathogenic, and(More)
Using data from 61 bulimic patients, we evaluated associations among axis II disturbances, psychopathological traits, eating symptoms, and adverse developmental experiences (e.g., childhood sexual and physical abuse). Findings showed likelihood of childhood abuse to increase markedly in function of comorbid personality pathology. In addition, comorbid(More)
INTRODUCTION Many theories attribute anorexia and bulimia nervosa to "pathological narcissism," but this conception has not been adequately evaluated. METHOD We compared the scores of 90 eating disorder (ED) sufferers (23 anorexic restricters, 14 anorexic bingers, and 53 bulimics) with those of 36 psychiatric-control (PC) and 54 normal-control (NC)(More)
Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) coat protein precursor (pre-CP) has 489 amino acids (p57) and is processed by the viral proteinase into three major forms: p44, p39, and p37. The N- and C-terminal extensions of pre-CP are released during maturation by the virus-encoded proteinase. We showed that these extensions are phosphorylated at several sites by host(More)
Despite a large number of functional neuroimaging investigations of emotion processing in schizophrenia, very few have included women. In the present study 21 schizophrenia and 23 healthy women underwent functional MRI (3T) on two occasions (during the follicular and luteal phase of their menstrual cycle) while viewing blocks of emotionally negative,(More)
UNLABELLED Soil microbiome modification may alter system function, which may enhance processes like bioremediation. In this study, we filled microcosms with gamma-irradiated soil that was reinoculated with the initial soil or cultivated bacterial subsets obtained on regular media (REG-M) or media containing crude oil (CO-M). We allowed 8 weeks for(More)