Julie Cerel

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OBJECTIVE Although the death of a parent is one of the most significant stressors a child can experience, the psychiatric sequelae of parental death are not fully understood. METHOD A total of 360 parent-bereaved children (ages 6-17) and their surviving parents were directly interviewed four times during the first 2 years following the death (at 2, 6, 13,(More)
OBJECTIVE The current study examined emotional and behavioral sequelae in children who have experienced parental suicide by completing a secondary analysis of data from the Grief Research Study, a longitudinal study of childhood bereavement. METHOD Twenty-six suicide-bereaved (SB) children, aged 5 to 17 years, were compared with 332 children bereaved from(More)
OBJECTIVE Although structured interviews are currently considered essential assessment strategies for conducting research, the data they generate are typically not used for purposes beyond making categorical determinations about diagnoses. Because of the need for dimensional scales to be used in conjunction with categorical data, two dimensional scales(More)
OBJECTIVE The current study extends the authors' earlier examination of suicide-bereaved (SB) children from the Grief Research Study, a longitudinal study of childhood bereavement after parental death, by examining the children's family history of psychopathology and family environment before and after death. METHOD Twenty-six SB children, aged 5 to 17(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the separate experiences of consumers (patients) and family members in the Emergency Department (ED) following a suicide attempt. METHODS Separate anonymous surveys were created for two groups: 1) consumers (n = 465) who had made a suicide attempt and been to the ED, and 2) others (referred to here as family members; n = 254) who(More)
Among social media websites, Reddit has emerged as a widely used online message board for focused mental health topics including depression, addiction, and suicide watch (SW). In particular, the SW community/subreddit has nearly 40,000 subscribers and 13 human moderators who monitor for abusive comments among other things. Given comments on posts from users(More)
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