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Scapho-capitate fracture is a rare lesion. Its mechanism is controversial. Forced extension seems to be the most frequent etiology, as this movement of the wrist induces scaphoid fracture by compression. Hyperextension of the wrist, as a result of the scaphoid lesion, allows contact between the posterior margin of the radius and the neck of the capitatum,(More)
Thyomas are benign or malignant lymphoepitelial tumors often associated with parathymic syndromes. A 74-year-old subject developed a recurrent thyoma over 15 year with bronchial dilatations and repeated bronchopulmonary and sinus infections. This clinical presentation suggests Good's syndrome which combines thyoma, bronchial dilatations and(More)
The authors will highlight the advantages of external fixation in the treatment of open fractures of the leg. The first is stabilisation of the fracture site. It is obtained by using transfixion pins in multiple planes (the ideal being 2 planes between 60 and 90°). With flexible pins, stability is obtained by using multiple pins and fixing them to rings(More)
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