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INTRODUCTION Dysfunctions of attentional processes have been previously described as a significant characteristic associated with psychotic disorders, but the nature of these deficits are insufficiently understood in adolescents experiencing a first episode of psychosis. This study aimed to exhaustively assess attentional processes in psychotic adolescents(More)
BACKGROUND Adult patients having schizophrenia (SZ) or bipolar disorder (BP) may have in common neurocognitive deficits. Former evidence suggests impairments in several neuropsychological functions in young offspring at genetic risk for SZ or BP. Moreover, a dose-response relation may exist between the degree of familial loading and cognitive impairments.(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce and validate French-language versions of the Visual Functioning Index (VF-14), the Cataract Symptom Score (CSS) and two global measures of trouble and satisfaction with vision. DESIGN Survey by means of telephone interviews conducted 2 weeks apart. SETTING Ophthalmology clinic of a teaching hospital in Montreal. SUBJECTS Subjects(More)
The growing number of home parenteral nutrition patients has encouraged the development of portable infusion pumps. The authors found that the individual who meets the criteria for home therapy is also the same individual who welcomes independence. The portable pump further enabled these individuals, who have already undergone a major lifestyle change, to(More)
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