Julie Bolivar

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We conducted a serological survey for Toxoplasma gondii in 121 Amerindians of the Guajibo ethnic group, 4 to 45 years of age, inhabiting Amazonas State, in the Venezuelan rain forest. The overall prevalence was 88%. Pattern of prevalence and antibody titres were compatible with constant transmission. Sex differences in antibody prevalence were not detected(More)
We continuously measured proximal and carinal pressures at low and high flow rates and frequencies during conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) and intratracheal pulmonary ventilation (ITPV), using an artificial lung. The proximal peak inspiratory pressure (PIP), carinal PIP, proximal positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP), and carinal PEEP, or(More)
A patient is reported who presented with severe arterial hypertension and pronounced hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis along with suppression of 17-hydroxicorticoids, plasma renin activity and urinary aldosterone excretion, in relation to topical application of 9-alpha-fluoroprednisolone, 300 mg weekly. The clinical picture changed after discontinuation of(More)
In the present study we measured the blastogenic response of lymph node cells from BALB/c mice infected with Leishmania mexicana throughout the course of infection. Results showed that infected mice displayed normal blastogenic responses in the lymph nodes until twenty weeks of infection. Thereafter, there was a gradual suppression. Comparison of the(More)