Julie Boddy

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A case of a benign, cystic intrapulmonary teratoma occurring in the left lobe of a 63-yr-old female is described and the typical clinical symptoms and distinguishing X-ray appearances which may be helpful in diagnosing this rare tumour are mentioned. The connection between the tumor and the segmental bronchus clearly established the true intrapulmonary(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which older persons in rural Northeast Thailand felt abandoned by the emigration of their children and the impact this may have on their quality of life. A cross sectional survey, consisting of 113 questions including the 26-item WHOQOL-BREF and the 24-item WHOQOL-OLD was administered to 212(More)
INTRODUCTION A large number of people live with chronic, non-malignant pain, which impacts on their work, social activity and quality of life. For many people pain appears to be inadequately treated and controlled, in part due to a reluctance to take appropriate medication. The aim of this study was to learn more about people's experience of pain in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite a 10-year history of nurse practitioner (NP) development in New Zealand (NZ) there is no formalised or universal process for ensuring the transition of willing nurses to NP status. This unmet need is of particular interest in the rural context where workforce issues are paramount. The aim of this study was to explore the transition from(More)
  • J Boddy
  • Nursing praxis in New Zealand inc
  • 1993
The setting for this study was a 19 bed general hospital psychiatric ward serving a heterogeneous population. The objective of the study was to generate thick description of the cultural knowledge patients and nurses used to organise their behaviour and interpret their experience in an acute psychiatric unit. Further aims were to describe the nature of the(More)
This study aimed to reveal the process of achieving peace and harmony in life by Thai Buddhists living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Thailand. Data were gathered from 28 Thai Buddhist participants aged 18 years or older, who had lived with HIV/AIDS for 5 years or more. Purposive, snowball and theoretical sampling techniques were used to recruit the(More)
  • J Boddy
  • British journal of psychology
  • 1989
This article asserts that physiological psychology offers specific benefits to theoretical psychology and the real world and also contributes in a more diffuse manner to an integrated perspective of the nature of man. Theoretical topics covered are: perception, with particular reference to pattern recognition; parallel distributed processing; subconscious(More)
This paper reports the results of a project aimed at decreasing the use of, and costs associated with, the practice of using care assistants to provide one-to-one observation or 'specialling' in five acute adult medical and surgical wards at a North Island hospital. Education sessions were provided to staff to prompt better management of patients receiving(More)
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