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In this paper we evaluate the performance of a new adaptive classifier for the use within a Brain Computer-Interface (BCI). The classifier can either be adaptive in a completely unsupervised manner or using unsupervised adaptation in conjunction with a neuronal evaluation signal to improve adaptation. The first variant, termed Adaptive Linear Discriminant(More)
Up to 29% of patients with epilepsy report "prodromal" sensations more than 30 minutes prior to seizures. We developed and implemented an objective methodology to prospectively assess the sensitivity and specificity of these subjective experiences using personal digital assistants (PDAs). The key property, in contrast to paper-based diaries, is the internal(More)
Through a series of complex transformations, the pixel-like input to the retina is converted into rich visual perceptions that constitute an integral part of visual recognition. Multiple visual problems arise due to damage or developmental abnormalities in the cortex of the brain. Here, we provide an overview of how visual information is processed along the(More)
BACKGROUND Intracranial in vivo recordings of individual neurons in humans are increasingly performed for a better understanding of the mechanisms of epileptogenesis and of the neurobiological basis of cognition. So far, information about the safety of stereotactic implantations and of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with hybrid depth electrodes is scarce.(More)
PURPOSE To provide an estimate of the frequency of dacrystic seizures in video-electroencephalography (EEG) long-term monitoring units of tertiary referral epilepsy centers and to describe the clinical presentation of dacrystic seizures in relationship to the underlying etiology. METHODS We screened clinical records and video-EEG reports for the diagnosis(More)
Mathematical models of dynamical systems facilitate the computation of characteristic properties that are not accessible experimentally. In cell biology, two main properties of interest are (1) the time-period a protein is accessible to other molecules in a certain state - its half-life - and (2) the time it spends when passing through a subsystem - its(More)
This supplemental information contains MATLAB scripts to run various tasks related to the in silico labeling approach. It requires installation of the PottersWheel toolbox version 2.2 or above. The used toolbox functions begin either with the prefix " pw " , " General " , or " Tools ". In the first case, the function belongs to the Pot-tersWheel application(More)
OBJECTIVE Clustered seizures are characterized by shorter than usual interseizure intervals and pose increased morbidity risk. This study examines the characteristics of seizures that cluster, with special attention to the final seizure in a cluster. METHODS This is a retrospective analysis of long-term inpatient monitoring data from the EPILEPSIAE(More)
The program PottersWheel has been developed to provide an intuitive and yet powerful framework for data-based modeling of dynamical systems like biochemical reaction networks. Its key functionality is multi-experiment fitting, where several experimental data sets from different laboratory conditions are fitted simultaneously in order to improve the(More)
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