Julie Beaulieu

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SUMMARY Polyhydroxyalkanoate bio-based plastics made from renewable resources can reduce petroleum consumption and decrease plastic waste disposal issues as they are inherently biodegradable in soil, compost and marine environments. In this paper, the successful engineering of the biomass crop switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) for the synthesis of(More)
This paper presents some lens system design and re-engineering experimentations with genetic algorithms and genetic programming. These Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) were successfully applied to a design problem that was previously presented to expert participants of an international lens design conference. Comparative results demonstrate that the use of EA(More)
Lens system design provides ideal problems for evolutionary algorithms: a complex nonlinear optimization task, often with intricate physical constraints, for which there is no analytical solutions. This paper demonstrates, through the use of two evolution strategies, namely non-isotropic SA-ES and CMA-ES, as well as multiobjective NSGA-II optimization, the(More)
Lens system design makes extensive use of optimization techniques to improve the performance of an optical system. We know that designing a lens system is a complex task currently done by experienced optical designers, using specialized optical design software tools. In order to contribute to this particular field, this paper presents a comparison between(More)
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