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UNLABELLED There is an emerging body of evidence regarding interdisciplinary acceptance and commitment therapy in the rehabilitative treatment of chronic pain. This study evaluated the reliability and clinical significance of change following an open trial that was briefer than that examined in previous work. In addition, the possible mediating effect of(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of coping in chronic pain management is well established. One challenge to the coping approach, however, is in identifying forms of coping that reliably lead to better functioning. An emerging approach to coping is based on the notion of psychological flexibility, a response pattern entailing openness to experience, awareness of specific(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure endothelium-dependent relaxation in myometrial resistance arteries and to compare this parameter in nonpregnant and normotensive pregnant women and those with pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia. DESIGN A prospective study. SETTING Nottingham City Hospital. SAMPLE Thirty-seven nonpregnant women undergoing hysterectomy and 51(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the importance of prostacyclin and nitric oxide synthesis in endothelium-dependent relaxation in myometrial resistance vessels, and to test the hypothesis that a deficiency in nitric oxide synthesis contributes to the known alterations in endothelial function in preeclampsia. METHODS Thirty-six women with normal pregnancies and 14(More)
This study assesses the ability of plasma from women with pre-eclampsia to induce altered endothelial function in myometrial resistance vessels from normotensive women. Vessels from normotensive pregnant women (n = 7) were incubated with plasma from other pregnant women who were normotensive (n = 6) or had pre-eclampsia (n = 7). A wire myograph was used to(More)
OBJECTIVES The study aimed to compare endothelium-dependent relaxation in the resistance arteries of the uterine vascular bed by use of a systemic comparison and to investigate the role of the endothelium in adaptation to pregnancy in these vascular beds. STUDY DESIGN Myometrial and omental resistance arteries were collected from 22 normotensive pregnant(More)
Opioid prescribing for chronic noncancer pain is increasing, but there is limited knowledge about longer-term outcomes of people receiving opioids for conditions such as back pain. This study aimed to explore the relationship between prescribed opioids and disability among patients consulting in primary care with back pain. A total of 715 participants from(More)
The therapeutic model underlying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is reasonably well-established as it applies to chronic pain. Several studies have examined measures of single ACT processes, or subsets of processes, and have almost uniformly indicated reliable relations with patient functioning. To date, however, no study has performed a(More)
BACKGROUND When present sciatica is considered an obstacle to recovery in low back pain patients, yet evidence is limited regarding prognostic factors for persistent disability in this patient group. The aim of this study is to describe and summarise the evidence regarding prognostic factors for sciatica in non-surgically treated cohorts. Understanding the(More)