Julie-Anne Bussiere

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OBJECTIVE To assess changes in the distribution and resistance of the pathogens responsible for septic arthritis over a 20 year period in patients admitted to the same hospital unit. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective study of the hospital records of patients admitted between 1979 and 1998 for septic arthritis with positive microbiological diagnosis after(More)
NetSniff is an IP traffic analysis tool that is capable of multi-protocol, live capture analysis. Previous work has revealed that under live capture situations, NetSniff performance was often limited not by available system resources, but rather by the size of the buffer employed by the PCAP library to store captured packets prior to processing. In this(More)
Between 1979 and 1990 we have seen 8 patients (7 females) with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who developed a neuro-muscular involvement while on D-penicillamine (D.P.). Five of them had a drug-induced myasthenia. D.P. withdrawal led to a complete recovery in 1.5 to 5 months. Another patient presented with a myopathy which led to the diagnosis of Grave's(More)
The potential for neurotoxic effects was evaluated in rat off-spring after exposure in utero and/or during the neonatal period to a recombinant subunit vaccine of gp120 prepared from the MN strain of HIV-1 (MN rgp 120/HIV-1). Thirty pregnant female rats were given MN rgp120/HIV-1 with alum adjuvant, and 30 rats were given vehicle, once every 3 days from Day(More)
To determine the external force that induces maximal deoxygenation of brachioradialis muscle 32 trained male subjects maintained isometric contractions using the elbow flexor muscles up to the limit time (isotonic part of the isometric contraction, IIC) and beyond that time for 120 s (anisotonic part of the isometric contraction). During IIC each subject(More)
This technical report complements a previous study on the sensitivity of online gaming players to different network quality of service. It presents preliminary results we obtained regarding the user sensitivity to degraded network conditions and the impact of degraded network conditions on player performance for the Xbox game Halo 2. The results are(More)