Julie-Ann Edwards

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This paper reports on a study which examined the occurrence of 'exploratory talk', as defined by Barnes (1976) and Mercer (1995), amongst peers in collaborative small groups in secondary school mathematics classrooms (11 to 16 years) in a UK school. This form of talk is thought to contribute to mathematical reasoning. The classroom learning environment in(More)
review how geometry and algebra can be linked using a new free software package, with The renowned UK mathematician, Sir Michael Atiyah, refers to geometry and algebra as " the two formal pillars of mathematics " because they both have been, and remain, fundamental to mathematics. Recently, the mathematics education team at the University of Southampton,(More)
Approaches to mathematics teaching which offer an alternative to stating facts and demonstrating procedures have been criticised for undermining the base for teachers' sense of their own effectiveness. Data from an ethnographic study of the classroom practice of an experienced teacher of mathematics who has developed an inclusive (or emancipatory) pedagogic(More)
The struggle for a socially-just pedagogy: an ethnographic study of a mathematics classroom. This study is based in a social-constructivist framework, interpreted through the lens of feminist and other emancipatory writing. The researchers combine ethnographic and action research methods to explore the activity of a teacher working in what she views as a(More)
Co-learning agreements between researchers and practitioners have been suggested as a way of generating research findings that are useful to improving schools and informing classroom practice. In this chapter we describe how a co-learning agreement was developed as a basis for researching aspects of the learning of mathematics in the classroom of a teacher(More)
In this paper, we describe the findings from a three-year multi-phased investigation into the Web practice of online mathematics communities. Our results indicate that the equivalent technologies that enable text-input or image-uploads without the need to understand programming languages have not been made available for the mathematics/ scientific(More)
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