Julie-Ann Edwards

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"This study uses a [U.S.] national sample of married persons under age 55, interviewed in 1980 and again in 1983, to estimate why divorce and marital instability vary by age and duration of marriage. Results indicate that the accumulation of assets substantially reduces the propensity to divorce. We also find that several important correlates of divorce(More)
The ability of a scale, called the marital instability index, to predict divorce or permanent separation in the United States is examined. It is tested using data on a national sample of about 1,663 married persons under age 55 who were interviewed originally by telephone in 1980 and reinterviewed in 1983. The results show that high scorers on the scale(More)
The proposition that poor housing and congested living conditions have a detrimental impact on health has been promulgated for at least 150 years. At a minimum, two major causal mechanisms are thought to be involved in the relationship between crowding and physical health. First, high levels of household crowding can produce stress that leads to illness.(More)
This paper examines the effect of one form of chronic stress--household crowding--on psychological well-being, as measured by multiple inverse indicators of psychological well-being. We rely on data from a large (n = 2017) random sample of households in Bangkok, Thailand, a context that has a higher level and broader range of crowding than typically found(More)
This paper reports on a study which examined the occurrence of 'exploratory talk', as defined by Barnes (1976) and Mercer (1995), amongst peers in collaborative small groups in secondary school mathematics classrooms (11 to 16 years) in a UK school. This form of talk is thought to contribute to mathematical reasoning. The classroom learning environment in(More)
review how geometry and algebra can be linked using a new free software package, with The renowned UK mathematician, Sir Michael Atiyah, refers to geometry and algebra as " the two formal pillars of mathematics " because they both have been, and remain, fundamental to mathematics. Recently, the mathematics education team at the University of Southampton,(More)
Ethological studies suggest that animal populations that live in crowded conditions display a number of behaviors that tend to limit the size of the population, such as aberrant forms of sexual behavior, small litter sizes, a higher incidence of spontaneous abortion, ineffectual maternal care, and even cannibalism of their young. Studies of household(More)
Approaches to mathematics teaching which offer an alternative to stating facts and demonstrating procedures have been criticised for undermining the base for teachers' sense of their own effectiveness. Data from an ethnographic study of the classroom practice of an experienced teacher of mathematics who has developed an inclusive (or emancipatory) pedagogic(More)