Julie Allinson

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The digital preservation problem is a series of interrelated technical and organizational challenges that can only be met cooperatively by the many different stakeholders that are involved. The rise of the institutional repository paradigm backs this up with its focus on cooperation within national or subject-based networks and the wider positioning of(More)
As metadata providers increase in number and diversity, and additional contexts for metadata use are identified, issues of trust, provenance and identity gain in relevance. Use of a public-key infrastructure (PKI) is discussed for digital signature of metadata records, providing evidence of the identity of the signer and the authenticity of the information(More)
The digital library Project 4 Scope of the digital library 4 A model for the digital library 5 Designated community 6 Functional model 8 Information model 10 The information model and the information lifecycle 11 Interoperability and integration 12 Technical architecture 13
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