Julie A. Sutfin

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Polyacrylate (PA), which is widely used in disposable diapers, is synthesized by polymerization and cross-linking of acrylate. During the synthesis, 3–6% of the polyacrylate polymers is not incorporated into the absorbent material, but remains soluble. If the soluble PA is mobilized from a landfill, it could enter the groundwater. Therefore, the(More)
Soluble polyacrylate (PA), a polydisperse mixture of polyacrylate polymers, is strongly adsorbed and biodegradable. Biotic fate studies were carried out with once-through columns containing sand colonized with anaerobic biomass previously grown in a methanogenic fluidized bed. A fraction of soluble PA having a weight-average molecular weight of 16,700 and a(More)
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