Julie A. Rursch

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The importance of laboratory exercises for students is recognized unilaterally by engineering and technology programs. As engineering educators whose academic focus is information assurance and cyber security, we believe students in cyber security need the same type of access to hands on opportunities as their counter parts in hardware design or circuit(More)
Despite the warnings of risk communication specialists, members of the technical community often urge that technological risks should be "put in context" by comparisons against risks that are more familiar. Little quantitative evidence is available on the actual behavioral consequences of such risk comparison efforts. In the present study, subjects were(More)
In the United States, the number of students entering into and completing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas has declined significantly over the past decade. Although modest increases have been shown in enrollments in computer-related majors in the past 4 years, the prediction is that even in 3 to 4 years when these(More)
The IT-Adventures program is designed to increase high school students’ interest in information technology (IT) as a career. It allows them to learn about IT in non-threatening, extracurricular IT-Club activities using inquiry-based learning. The IT-Clubs have four tracks from which students can select to study: cyber defense, game design programming,(More)
The current enrollment crisis in information technology (IT) has left employers scrambling to find qualified individuals to fill positions in IT within the corporation. One issue facilitating this dearth of workers is the lack of individuals pursuing ITrelated majors. This research uses high school students to investigate the reasons behind individual(More)
As the IT-Adventures program was being developed, we discovered teachers of all disciplines needed a way to improve their knowledge and skills in IT to facilitate student learning as part of their school’s IT-Club. The IT-Adventures program is built around the formation of an IT-Club at a local high school where students are given learning materials and(More)
The Community College Cyber Defense Competition (CCCDC) was created as a bridge between Iowa State University and the 15 community college districts in the state of Iowa. It grew out of an overwhelmingly positive response to a session on ITAdventures conducted during the ISU Community College Summit in Summer 2007. IT-Adventures is a year-long inquiry-based(More)
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