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The selective neurokinin (NK)-1 antagonist LY303870 has high affinity and specificity for human and guinea pig brain NK-1 receptors labeled with 125I-substance P. It has approximately 15- to 30-fold lower affinity for rat and mouse brain NK-1 receptors, consistent with previously reported species differences in the affinities of nonpeptide antagonists for(More)
Although diabetes and its treatment have been considered to be the province of physicians, surgery has reaped unexpected advantage from the introduction of insulin. The chief causes of death in diabetes are coma and infection. Now coma need not occur in diabetes, that is to say true diabetic coma with acetonemia and acidosis. There are cases which develop(More)
BACKGROUND Lifestyle factors represent prime targets for behaviour change interventions to promote healthy ageing and reduce dementia risk. We evaluated a goal-setting intervention aimed at promoting increased cognitive and physical activity and improving mental and physical fitness, diet and health. METHODS This was a pilot randomised controlled trial(More)