Julie A Hines

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Opium and its derivatives are potent analgesics that also have many other pharmacological effects in the nervous system. These agents and the endogenous opioid peptides exert their effects by interacting with high-affinity receptors. Complementary DNAs encoding the delta, kappa and mu opioid receptors have been isolated and characterized. These receptors,(More)
A rate-limiting and costly step in many proteomics analyses is the cloning of all of the ORFs for an organism into technique-specific vectors. Here, we describe the generation of a Campylobacter jejuni expression clone set using a high-throughput cloning approach based on recombination in E. coli. The approach uses native E. coli recombination functions and(More)
BACKGROUND Data from large-scale protein interaction screens for humans and model eukaryotes have been invaluable for developing systems-level models of biological processes. Despite this value, only a limited amount of interaction data is available for prokaryotes. Here we report the systematic identification of protein interactions for the bacterium(More)
Prolonged exposure of opioid receptors to agonists can cause desensitization, a cellular event linked to tolerance. Although evidence exists for mu and delta opioid receptor desensitization, much less information is available concerning the in vitro regulation of kappa opioid receptors because no cell lines exist that specifically express this class of(More)
BACKGROUND Large-scale RNAi-based screens are playing a critical role in defining sets of genes that regulate specific cellular processes. Numerous screens have been completed and in some cases more than one screen has examined the same cellular process, enabling a direct comparison of the genes identified in separate screens. Surprisingly, the overlap(More)
This peer-reviewed article was published immediately upon acceptance. It can be downloaded, printed and distributed freely for any purposes (see copyright notice below). which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Background: Data from large-scale protein interaction(More)
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