Julie A. Floyd

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This study details the profile of 13 cell surface cluster differentiation markers on human reserve stem cells derived from connective tissues. Stem cells were isolated from the connective tissues of dermis and skeletal muscle derived from fetal, mature, and geriatric humans. An insulin/dexamethasone phenotypic bioassay was used to determine the identity of(More)
Clonal populations of lineage-uncommitted pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells have been identified in prenatal avians and rodents. These cells reside in the connective tissue matrices of many organs and tissues. They demonstrate extended capabilities for self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into multiple separate tissues within the mesodermal germ(More)
Undifferentiated cells have been identified in the prenatal blastocyst, inner cell mass, and gonadal ridges of rodents and primates, including humans. After isolation these cells express molecular and immunological markers for embryonic cells, capabilities for extended self-renewal, and telomerase activity. When allowed to differentiate, embryonic stem(More)
Tissue restoration is the process whereby multiple damaged cell types are replaced to restore the histoarchitecture and function to the tissue. Several theories, have been proposed to explain the phenomenon of tissue restoration in amphibians and in animals belonging to higher order. These theories include dedifferentiation of damaged tissues,(More)
Despite intensive surgical excision, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, the current life expectancy for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme is only 12 to 15months. One of the approaches being explored to increase chemotherapeutic efficacy is to locally deliver chemotherapeutics encapsulated within degradable, polymeric microspheres. This(More)
The grim prognosis for patients diagnosed with malignant gliomas necessitates the development of new therapeutic strategies for localized and sustained drug delivery to combat tumor drug resistance and regrowth. Here we introduce drug encapsulated aerosolized microspheres as a biodegradable, intelligent glioma therapy (DREAM BIG therapy). DREAM BIG therapy(More)
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