Julie A. Clarke

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The mechanism for AIDS dementia may involve the production of toxic cytokines. Since macrophage/microglia are the infected cells in the brain, we were interested in the production of some of the same cytokines by HIV-infected macrophages from patients with AIDS dementia. HIV-infected macrophages from 11 patients with AIDS dementia were cultured and(More)
Risk assessment procedures for underground projects form a key component of pre-construction efforts since resulting ground movements may cause damage to adjacent structures. Particularly for urban tunnelling works, surface settlements may impinge on a vast number of structures and can result in significant lawsuits unless the appropriate building(More)
The aortic-pulmonary regions (APR) of seven adult marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) and the region of the right subclavian artery of a further three marmosets were diffusion-fixed with 10% buffered formol-saline solution. In both regions serial 5 microm sections were cut and stained by the Martius yellow, brilliant crystal scarlet and soluble blue method.(More)
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