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Muscle protein degradation has an important role in rate of muscle growth. It has been difficult to develop procedures for measuring rate of muscle protein degradation in living animals, and most studies have used in vitro systems and muscle strips to determine rate of protein degradation. The relationship between results obtained by using muscle strips and(More)
Temperature adaptation of biological membranes was examined by comparing the fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum preparation of goldfish acclimated to different temperatures. Membrane fluidity was estimated using the fluorescence polarization technique. There was considerable variation between preparations, but no consistent differences in fluidity were(More)
Culex pipiens sensu lato mosquitoes were collected from 24 gravid traps (mid-June to mid-October, 2005) in Fresno County, CA. Captured gravid females were allowed to oviposit before sibling species identification by Ace.2 PCR and detection of West Nile virus (WNV) RNA by RT-PCR were performed on the mother and her offspring. Of the 442 Cx. pipiens s.l.(More)
In May 2001 a sample of Culex pipiens pipiens variety molestus Forskål from Marin County, California, collected as larvae and reared to adults, was found to show reduced resmethrin and permethrin knock-down responses in bottle bioassays relative to a standard susceptible Cx. pipiens quinquefasciatus Say colony (CQ1). Larval susceptibility tests, using CQ1(More)
Agricultural insecticides can affect mosquito production in rice fields by controlling mosquitoes, disrupting biological control or contributing to selection of insecticide resistance. The duration of insecticidal activity of the pyrethroid lambda-cyhalothrin was quantified on predatory insects in rice fields and on three kinds of mosquito larva: a(More)
The structure of human platelets differs from that of bovine platelets in that human platelets have a surface-connected canalicular system that bovine platelets lack. Platelets are one of the richest known sources of the calpains, and the calpains have been implicated in many of the specific cleavages of cytoskeletal and surface-receptor proteins that occur(More)
Laboratory susceptibility bioassays were conducted to determine the efficacy of VectoBac TP (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis [Bti]) at different concentrations and temperatures against the salt-marsh mosquito Ochlerotatus squamiger. Bioassays on late 3rd- and early 4th-stage larvae, read at 72 h and 14 degrees C produced an LD90 of 0.223 mg/liter,(More)
Multiple assays are available to measure P450 activity in insects, including mosquitoes; however, each of these assays has drawbacks in terms of the number of mosquitoes required, specificity, sensitivity, cost, and/or time required to prepare active enzyme homogenates. In this study, a commercially available luminescent assay, P450-Glo, was modified and(More)