Julide Sagiroğlu

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AIM The abdominal wall is an uncommon site of extrapelvic endometriosis. It usually develops in a previous surgical scar and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any abdominal swelling. Classical symptoms of endometriosis may resemble abdominal wall lesions such as an incisional hernia, hematoma, granuloma, abscess or various soft tissue(More)
Colonic complications of Behcet's disease due to intestinal involvement are rarely reported in the literature. Ulcers are the most frequently seen intestinal complications that cause bleeding and perforation predominantly in the ileocecal region. In this article, we report a patient with Behcet's disease who presented with multiple perforations along the(More)
Segmental loss of a peripheral nerve has been a challenging reconstructive problem. Management of the nerve gap has been accomplished classically with nerve grafting. However, autogenous nerve grafts are not always available for bridging large nerve gaps, and clinical results of large nerve cable grafts have been disappointing. Newer techniques concentrate(More)
Thrombocytosis in patients undergoing free tissue transfer for coverage of posttraumatic lower extremity defects may be associated with an increased incidence of microvascular thrombosis. Patients with isolated lower extremity trauma have an elevated platelet count that peaks approximately 2 weeks after injury. It is our theory that a humoral component of(More)
BACKGROUND Robotics was introduced in clinical practice more than two decades ago, and it has gained remarkable popularity for a wide variety of laparoscopic procedures. We report our results of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery (RALS) in the most commonly applied general surgical procedures. METHOD Ninety seven patients underwent RALS from 2009 to(More)
The importance of the complete absence of a hemidiaphragm or unilateral diaphragmatic agenesis in adulthood in relation to performing laparoscopic procedures has not been well documented. This article reports for the first time in literature a case of successful laparoscopic cholecystectomy in an adult with previously undiagnosed unilateral diaphragmatic(More)
BACKGROUND Breast pain is one of the leading complaints that ends up with referral to breast surgery clinics. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the factors that cause mastalgia, and its relation with benign or malignant breast disease. METHODS The study was performed in 700 patients. Data obtained from surveys, and imaging findings were(More)
OBJECTIVE In Africa, there is critical shortage of surgeons. Majority of the surgeons work in urban centers, and almost none of them is working in the rural areas. This study documents surgical interventions performed in Guinea-Bissau by Doctors Worldwide Turkey. METHODS A group of surgeons from the Doctors Worldwide Turkey performed various surgical(More)
AIM To evaluate the long-term effectiveness of colonic stents in colorectal tumors causing large bowel obstruction. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed data from 49 patients with colorectal cancer who had undergone colorectal stent placement between January 2008 and January 2013. Patients' symptoms, characteristics and clinicopathological data were(More)