Julianus Pfeuffer

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Max-convolution is an important problem closely resembling standard convolution; as such, max-convolution occurs frequently across many fields. Here we extend the method with fastest known worst-case run-time, which can be applied to nonnegative vectors by numerically approximating the Chebyshev norm · ∞, and derive a more accurate method. The absolute(More)
High-resolution mass spectrometry (MS) has become an important tool in the life sciences, contributing to the diagnosis and understanding of human diseases, elucidating biomolecular structural information and characterizing cellular signaling networks. However, the rapid growth in the volume and complexity of MS data makes transparent, accurate and(More)
In mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomics, protein identifications are usually the desired result. However, most of the analytical methods are based on the identification of reliable peptides and not the direct identification of intact proteins. Thus, assembling peptides identified from tandem mass spectra into a list of proteins, referred to as protein(More)
Motivation BioContainers (biocontainers.pro) is an open-source and community-driven framework which provides platform independent executable environments for bioinformatics software. BioContainers allows labs of all sizes to easily install bioinformatics software, maintain multiple versions of the same software and combine tools into powerful analysis(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, several mass spectrometry-based omics technologies emerged to investigate qualitative and quantitative changes within thousands of biologically active components such as proteins, lipids and metabolites. The research enabled through these methods potentially contributes to the diagnosis and pathophysiology of human diseases as(More)
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