Juliano José Corbi

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Streams located in areas of sugarcane cultivation receive high concentrations of metal ions from soils of the adjacent areas causing accumulation of metals in the aquatic sediment. This impact results in environmental problems and leads to bioaccumulation of metal ions in aquatic organisms. In the present study, metal concentrations in different predatory(More)
Species of oligochaetes inhabiting other freshwater animals have been cited by Brinkhurst & Jamieson, 1980; Righi, 1984; Brinkhurst & Marchese, 1991. However, there are few published studies about the Brazilian species (Righi, 1984). Here, we report oligochaeta species inhabiting freshwater sponges, as well as on bryozoans and hydrozoans from some Brazilian(More)
The fragmentation of lotic systems caused by construction of dams has modified many aquatic communities. The objective of this study was to analyse changes in the aquatic insect community structure by discontinuity of habitat created by dams along the Ribeirão das Anhumas, a sub-basin of the Mogi-Guaçu River (state of São Paulo, Brazil). Entomofauna(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of hydraulic retention time (HRT) on linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) removal in fluidized bed reactors (FBRs). FBR1 (HRT of 8h) and FBR2 (HRT of 12h) were fed laundry wastewater with 18.6±4.1 to 27.1±5.6mg/L of LAS in the following conditions: ethanol and nitrate addition (Phases I, II and III),(More)
In the present study, we analyzed eight streams (four located in areas with sugarcane cultivation and four located in preserved areas) and applied a simple method to find Chironomidae indicator species that characterizes groups of sites (preserved or disturbed by sugarcane cultivation). Specimens were collected during March 2002 and November2006, using a(More)
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