Juliano G. Iossaqui

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This paper presents the design of an adaptive control law that guarantees stability for a tracked mobile robot under unknown longitudinal slip condition. The kinematic model of the mobile robot is derived considering the slip as an unknown parameter. A control law that actuates on the angular velocities of the robot wheels is designed such that the robot(More)
Abstract: This paper presents an adaptive control strategy for a tracked mobile robot, in which the longitudinal slip of the left and right tracks are described by two unknown parameters. It is assumed that the kinematic model of the tracked robot is approximated by the one of a differential wheeled robot. An adaptive nonlinear feedback control law that(More)
This paper presents the stability analysis of the closed-loop error dynamics obtained using an adaptive kinematic controller for the trajectory tracking control problem of a wheeled mobile robot with longitudinal slip. It is shown that the adaptive kinematic controller is able to compensate in real time for an unknown constant slip whenever the reference(More)
Abstract: This paper presents an application of nonlinear filtering techniques for the tracking control design of tracked mobile robot under slip condition. The slip is represented only by the longitudinal wheels slip that is described by just an unknown parameter. The extended Kalman filter (EKF), the unscented Kalman filter (UKF) and the particle filter(More)
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