Juliano Dal Pupo

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This study evaluated force and velocity parameters of vertical jump performance in countermovement jump (CMJ) and squat jump (SJ) and compared results for sprint runners and volleyball players. Twenty-four male athletes (12 regional/national-level sprint runners and 12 national-level volleyball players) performed CMJ and SJ on a force platform. The(More)
This study analyzed modulation of jump performance and intralimb coordination throughout a 30 s vertical jump test. Twenty male athletes performed the test on a force plate while also undergoing kinematic analysis. Jump height and coordination by continuous relative phase (CRP) were analyzed. Results showed reduction of jump height during the test. No(More)
This study aimed to analyze neuromuscular variables (vertical jump and torque in external/internal shoulder rotation) in advanced and novice judo athletes, and to identify which neuromuscular variables allow for discrimination between them. Thirty male judo athletes participated in this study: 19 novice and 11 advanced athletes. The judo athletes performed(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the reliability of a novel multi-direction repeated sprint ability (RSA) test [RSM; 10 × (6 × 5-m)] compared with a RSA with one change of direction [10 × (2 × 15-m)], and the relationship of the RSM and RSA with Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 1 (Yo-Yo IR1) and jump performances [squat jump (SJ) and(More)
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