Juliano A Roehrs

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The organoselenium compound diphenyl diselenide (PhSe)(2) has shown interesting antioxidant and neuroprotective activities. On the other hand, this compound has also presented some toxic effects. m-Trifluoromethyl-diphenyl diselenide (m-CF(3)-C(6)H(4)Se)(2), a structural analog of (PhSe)(2), has proven to be antipsychotic and antioxidant in mice. The(More)
Pain is one of the most prevalent conditions, which limits productivity and diminishes quality of life. This study examined the antinociceptive effects of m-trifluoromethyl-diphenyl diselenide [(m-CF3-C6H4Se)2] on behavioral models of pain in mice. The involvement of opioid receptors in (m-CF3-C6H4Se)2-induced antinociception was evaluated in the(More)
“Transmit SENSE” adapts the idea of parallel imaging to RF transmission. Using multiple independent transmit coils, the duration of a spatially selective RF pulse can be reduced. It is known from parallel imaging that a suboptimal coil-array geometry might lead to an ill-conditioned sensitivity matrix and, thus, to a non-homogenous noise amplification in(More)
An efficient synthesis of 2-chalcogen-3-substituted-benzo[b]furan compounds has been accomplished via electrophilic cyclization reaction of 2-chalcogenealkynyl anisoles using I(2), ICl, Br(2), and PhSeBr as electrophile sources. The product distributions were strongly dependent on the nature of substituents in the aromatic ring of anisole and on the(More)
AIMS In this study we investigated the effect of pre-treatment with 3-alkynyl selenophene (3-ASP) against the increase in responsiveness to pentylenetetrazole [PTZ seizure threshold] and cognitive dysfunction induced by experimental febrile seizures (FS). The effects of 3-ASP were compared to those of diazepam (DZP). MAIN METHODS Young rats, at postnatal(More)
We present here the synthesis and antidepressant-like action of a series of 2,5-disubstituted-3-(organoseleno)-selenophenes prepared by a novel synthetic route, the FeCl(3)-diorganyl dichalcogenide-mediated intramolecular cyclization of (Z)-chalcogenoenynes. The cyclized products were obtained in good yields. The results showed that 2c, 2d, 2e and 2o,(More)
In this study, we investigated the role of GABAergic and glutamatergic systems in the anticonvulsant action of 3-alkynyl selenophene (3-ASP) in a pilocarpine (PC) model of seizures. To this purpose, 21 day-old rats were administered with an anticonvulsant dose of 3-ASP (50 mg/kg, per oral, p.o.), and [3H]γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and [3H]glutamate uptakes(More)
The organoselenium compounds have been reported for many biological properties, especially as potent antioxidants. The compound bis(phenylimidazoselenazolyl) diselenide (BPIS) is a novel diaryl diselenide derivative, which shows antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties in mice, but whose antioxidant activity has not been studied. The present study(More)
The present study examined the effect of peroral administration of bis(phenylimidazoselenazolyl) diselenide (BPIS) in thermal and chemical models of pain in mice. The involvement of the opioid system in the BPIS antinociceptive effect was also examined, as well as potential nonspecific disturbances in locomotor activity or signs of acute toxicity. BPIS(More)