Julianne M Carter

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Pyrethroid insecticides have potent actions on voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSC), inhibiting inactivation and increasing channel open times. These are thought to underlie, at least in part, the clinical symptoms of pyrethroid intoxication. However, disruption of neuronal activity at higher levels of organization is less well understood. In order to(More)
The contention that erythropoietin (Epo) affects platelet production was investigated in the rat with recombinant human Epo (rHuEpo). In normal rats, Epo caused a dose-dependent increase in both reticulocyte and platelet numbers, the reticulocyte response preceding that of platelets. Withdrawal of Epo resulted in reticulocytes and platelets returning to(More)
This report describes the development and the biology of Sch 55700, a humanized monoclonal antibody to human IL-5 (hIL-5). Sch 55700 was synthesized using CDR (complementarity determining regions) grafting technology by incorporating the antigen recognition sites for hIL-5 onto consensus regions of a human IgG4 framework. In vitro, Sch 55700 displays high(More)
Chronic (20-week) Schistosoma mansoni infections of CBA/J male mice present as two distinct forms of morbidity. Most mice develop moderate splenomegaly syndrome (MSS) resembling the intestinal form of chronic human schistosomiasis mansoni, while approximately 20% of mice develop hypersplenomegaly syndrome (HSS), more consistent with the severe hepatosplenic(More)
A series of experiments was conducted to examine the effects of the N-oxidized metabolite of procainamide, procainamide hydroxylamine (PAHA), on reactive oxygen species (ROS) production by macrophages in vitro, as well as on the release of the cytokine interleukin-1 (IL-1). Results with PAHA were compared with those from the parent compound, procainamide,(More)
This study tested the effect of Bredinin, a nucleoside antibiotic of fungal origin, on experimentally induced acute inflammation of the rabbit cornea. Inflammation was produced by abrasive removal of a 9 mm disk of corneal epithelium. In the dose-response experiments, one eye of each rabbit was treated topically with Bredinin, and the other eye with vehicle(More)