Julianna Schantz-Dunn

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Malaria, a parasitic infection transmitted by mosquitoes, is one of the most devastating infectious diseases, killing more than 1 million people annually. Pregnant women, children, and immunocompromised individuals have the highest morbidity and mortality, and Africa bears the heaviest burden. The World Health Organization defines malaria as a disease of(More)
This article focuses on the influence of gene-environment interaction on pregnancy outcome. In particular, we focus on those adverse outcomes related to subclinical infection and the resultant inflammation of gestational tissues. We identify genetic association studies on pregnancy-related disorders with an infectious/inflammatory etiology. All studies in(More)
Access to safe blood is critical in comprehensive emergency obstetric care and for reducing maternal mortality. Many countries have inadequate blood supplies, and this disproportionately affects women and children in need of life-saving blood transfusions. Although preventative measures aimed at reducing postpartum hemorrhage by treating underlying anemia(More)
Purpose The mistreatment of women during childbirth in health facilities is a growing area of research and public attention. Description In many countries, disrespect and abuse from maternal health providers discourage women from seeking childbirth with a skilled birth attendant, which can lead to poor maternal and neonatal outcomes. This commentary(More)
BACKGROUND Risk factors for failed first-trimester surgical abortion include endometrial distortion caused by leiomyomas, uterine anomalies and malposition and cervical stenosis. This report introduces intrauterine adhesions as an additional risk factor. CASE A multiparous woman presented for pregnancy termination at 6 weeks' gestation. Three(More)
Background Currently there are no guidelines regarding optimal screening for latent tuberculosis infection during pregnancy. Objective This study measures completion rates and the concordance between the TSPOT.TB, a commercially available interferon gamma release assay (IGRA), and the traditional tuberculin skin test (TST) in a predominantly urban minority(More)
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