Julianna Boros

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The third Hungarian national dietary survey was conducted in 2003-2004. This publication describes the first part of the energy and nutrient intake findings in a sample consisting of a population of 1179 persons over 19 years of age (energy and macro nutrients). Energy and nutrient intake values were calculated based on 3 x 24- hour dietary records filled(More)
The 3rd Hungarian National Nutritional Survey was carried out as a part of the National Population Health Study and the data collection was done in November/December of 2003. The survey comprised a sample of adults above 19 year of age, the dietary questionnaires of 1179 people could be evaluated. The results of energy and macro-nutrient intake were(More)
In the course of the 3rd national nutritional survey data were collected in 2003, and the paper on the energy and nutrition intake of a sample group consisting of 1179 people all aged above 19, was published in the Hungarian Medical Journal (Vol. 146, No. 34, 2005). The present paper focuses on one group of micronutrients, namely the minerals' intake. The(More)
We investigated whether the severely disadvantaged health of Hungarian Roma adults living in segregated settlements changed by the Decade of Roma Inclusion program. We compared the results of two paired health interview surveys that we carried out using the same methodology before and after the Decade, on the general Hungarian and Roma populations.(More)
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