Juliane Wolf

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Single cell green algae (microalgae) are rapidly emerging as a platform for the production of sustainable fuels. Solar-driven H2 production from H2O theoretically provides the highest-efficiency route to fuel production in microalgae. This is because the H2-producing hydrogenase (HYDA) is directly coupled to the photosynthetic electron transport chain,(More)
BACKGROUND Microalgae provide an excellent platform for the production of high-value-products and are increasingly being recognised as a promising production system for biomass, animal feeds and renewable fuels. RESULTS Here, we describe an automated screen, to enable high-throughput optimisation of 12 nutrients for microalgae production. Its miniaturised(More)
Value at risk is en vogue as an internal measure of risk which is also accepted by regulators. The paper provides a critical appraisal based on comparisons with the related concepts of stochastic dominance and lower partial moments. In particular, we find that value at risk contradicts second-degree stochastic dominance and thus expected utility(More)
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