Juliane Watson

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We evaluated the full field electroretinogram (ERG) to assess age-related changes in retina function in humans. ERG recordings were performed on healthy subjects with normal fundus appearance, lack of cataract and 20/20 acuity, aged 20-39 years (n = 27; mean age 25 ± 5, standard deviation), 40-59 years (n = 20; mean 53 ± 5), and 60-82 years (n = 18; mean 69(More)
The most widespread models to study blindness, rats and mice, have retinas containing less than 3% cones. The diurnal rodent Arvicanthis niloticus retina has around 35% cones. Using ERG recordings, we studied retina function in this species. Several features differed from that reported in rats and mice: (a) fivefold larger photopic a-wave amplitudes; (b)(More)
Pulmonary micro-aspiration of enteral feed in intubated critically ill patients has been reported to occur commonly. In this prospective observational study the incidence of micro-aspiration, diagnosed by a modified glucose oxidase test, is reported in 25 enterally fed critically ill and tracheally intubated patients on a general intensive care unit.(More)
Patients undergoing lumbar laminectomy were given extradural narcotic, either 5 mg morphine sulphate or 5.5 mg heroin (diamorphine hydrochloride); the extradural catheter had been positioned adjacent to the dura under direct vision. Plasma morphine concentrations measured by specific radioimmunoassay showed that peak concentrations occurred significantly(More)
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