Juliane D. Fleck

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Malonic acidaemia is an inborn error of metabolism that accumulates malonate, a competitive succinate dehydrogenase (SDH; EC inhibitor. The present study investigated the behavioural effects of unilateral intrastriatal administration of malonate (0.6, 1.8 or 6 micromol) in adult male Wistar rats (n=10-13). Low doses of malonate (1.8 micromol)(More)
Thirteen Cambodian refugees who had survived 2-4 years of concentration camp experience met the DSM-III criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder. Their predominant symptoms were avoidance, hyperactive startle reactions, emotional numbness, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares, which had lasted at least 3 years after the imprisonment. The patients' avoidance(More)
One year after receiving a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder, five of 12 Cambodian concentration camp survivors who entered a treatment program no longer met the diagnostic criteria for the disorder, and symptoms in three others had improved. The intrusive symptoms of nightmares, sleep disorders, and startle reactions showed the most consistent(More)
Torque teno virus (TTV) was surveyed in tap water collected in schools from three municipalities located in the south of Brazil. TTV genomes were found in 11.7 % (4/34) of the samples. TTV DNA was detected in 10.5 % (2/19) of the samples collected at the city of Caxias do Sul and in 25 % (2/8) of the samples from Pelotas. Those cities have a low rate of(More)
  • S J Marade, R T Segawa, D Gonzalez, C Martin, J Fleck, J Sitts +4 others
  • 2000
A well survey was conducted in rice-growing areas of California to determine whether molinate (Ordram') or thiobencarb (Bolero@) residues were detected in ground water. in 127 townships located in 17 counties in the Central Valley. No res'i.due.s of molinate or thiobencarb were detected in 127 sampled wells. This result was confirmed in a more intensive(More)
To decipher the early events preceding the re-entry of somatic cells into the cell cycle, we constructed a cDNA library from 6-h-old protoplasts of Nicotiana sylvestris. We characterized three mRNAs, via their cDNAs, that accumulate at very high levels 6 h after the beginning of the culture. Two of them could be identified by comparison of the deduced amino(More)
Cysteinyl leukotrienes (CysLTs) have been implicated in seizures and kindling; however, the effect of CysLT receptor antagonists on seizure frequency in kindled animals and changes in CysLT receptor expression after pentylenetetrazol (PTZ)-induced kindling have not been investigated. In this study, we evaluated whether the CysLT1 inverse agonist(More)
Adenoviruses are among the most promising viral markers of fecal contamination. They are frequently found in the water, sediment and soil of regions impacted by human activity. Studies of the bioaccumulation of enteric viruses in shrimp are scarce. The cities located in the northern coast of the lake systems in Southern Brazil have high urbanization and(More)
Inactivated polio vaccines (IPV) have an important role at the final stages of poliomyelitis eradication programs, reducing the risks associated with the use of attenuated polio vaccine (OPV). An affordable option to enhance vaccine immunogenicity and reduce costs of IPV may be the use of an effective and renewable adjuvant. In the present study, the(More)
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