Juliane Anna Ebner

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AIM The aim of this study was to analyze factors influencing outcomes of surgical management for lower limb acute ischemia. METHODS A retrospective analysis of 490 thromboembolectomies performed in 468 patients was conducted. Perioperative and follow-up results were analyzed. Univariate and multivariate analysis of clinical variables and patients'(More)
AIM The objectives were to review in our series the risk factors, management and outcomes of patients who sustained vascular injuries in the lower limbs and to determine the effect of risk factors and treatment on the outcome of the injured extremity. METHODS Fifty-six patients submitted to surgical treatment were retrospectively reviewed. Results were(More)
The study proposes a new method for measuring peripheral trophic lesions (leg ulcers) of the same patient medicated with different type of dressing, avoiding errors of evaluation due to comparing different patients who generally present different concomitant pathologies and aetiologies wigh are hard to compare. We studied the wound care of 11 patients with(More)
AIM To find out how and when Italian phlebologically-active physicians apply perioperative sclerotherapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS A questionnaire was e-mailed to the members of three different Italian Societies of Phlebology. The answers were collected in a database (SPSS19 for Windows) and statistically evaluated. RESULTS Ninety surgeons (87.4%) and 13(More)
Phlebology is not a specialty for its own in Italy. Phlebological patients are treated by vascular and general surgeons, dermatologists, phlebologists, angiologists, internists and even general practitioners. Even tough guidelines present a series of recommendations based on evidence-based medicine, guidelines may also be a tool to unify the diagnostic and(More)
Häufig werden nach Varizenoperationen Rezidivraten zwischen 6 und 80 % ohne nähere Spezifikation angegeben. Eine derartige Pauschalierung beschreibt und definiert in keiner Weise das komplexe Problem der „Rezidivvarikosis“. Hinzu kommt, dass die Qualität der Evidenz in vielen Arbeiten aufgrund von geringen Fallzahlen, kurzen Nachbeobachtungszeiten und(More)
BACKGROUND The success of thromboembolectomy for acute lower limb ischemia depends on the complete removal of all thromboembolic material accessible to the Fogarty catheter. Intraoperative arteriography can be used during arterial thromboembolectomy as a guide for extension of procedure to ensure complete clearance of the arterial tree and distal patency.(More)
BACKGROUND This review evaluates the results of our 18-year experience with surgical treatment of popliteal artery aneurysms (PAAs), examining the effects of the variables of clinical presentations, surgical technique, graft material, and runoff on operative results in the management of popliteal aneurysms. METHODS We reviewed 49 PAAs consecutively(More)
BACKGROUND Since 1963, Fogarty balloon catheter thromboembolectomy is usually adopted as the gold standard treatment for acute limb ischemia. As the success of the procedure depends on complete removal of all thromboembolic material, intraoperative arteriography can be used after arterial thromboembolectomy as a guide for extension of the procedure. It is(More)
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