Juliana de Carvalho Delgado

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Action of reactive oxygen species, protamination failures and apoptosis are considered the most important etiologies of sperm DNA fragmentation. This study evaluated the effects of induced lipid peroxidation susceptibility on native semen profile and identified the mechanisms involved in sperm DNA fragmentation and testicular antioxidant defense on Santa(More)
Higher temperatures lead to an increase of testicular metabolism that results in spermatic damage. Oxidative stress is the main factor responsible for testicular damage caused by heat stress. The aim of this study was to evaluate lasting effects of heat stress on ejaculated sperm and immediate or long-term effects of heat stress on epididymal sperm. We(More)
This study proposed a quantitative evaluation of oxidative status (OS) in bovine embryos. Sixteen-cell stage embryos, cultured under 5% O2, were treated with oxidative stress inducer menadione (0, 1, 2.5 and 5 µmol/l) for 24 h. Blastocyst rate (BLR) was recorded and expanded blastocysts were stained with CellROX®Green (CRG; OS evaluation) and evaluated(More)
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