Juliana Y. Leung

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The pol (for polymerase) gene of the murine leukemia viruses (MuLVs) is expressed in the form of a large Gag-Pol precursor protein by the suppression of translational termination, or enhanced readthrough, of a UAG stop codon at the end of gag. A search for cellular proteins that interact with the reverse transcriptase of Moloney MuLV resulted in the(More)
Previous works in the literature demonstrated that dispersion increases with heterogeneities and travel distance in heterogeneous reservoirs. However, it remains challenging to quantify the effects of subscale heterogeneities on dispersion. Scale-up of input dispersivity and other reservoir attributes to the transport modeling scale should account for(More)
The Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) is a Monte-Carlo based technique for assisted history matching and real time updating of reservoir models. However, it often fails to detect facies boundaries and proportions as the facies distributions are non-Gaussian, while geologic data for reservoir modeling is usually insufficient. It is convenient to represent(More)
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