Juliana S. G. Fischer

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BACKGROUND A goal of proteomics is to distinguish between states of a biological system by identifying protein expression differences. Liu et al. demonstrated a method to perform semi-relative protein quantitation in shotgun proteomics data by correlating the number of tandem mass spectra obtained for each protein, or "spectral count", with its abundance in(More)
SUMMARY We present an approach to statistically pinpoint differentially expressed proteins that have quantitation values near the quantitation threshold and are not identified in all replicates (marginal cases). Our method uses a Bayesian strategy to combine parametric statistics with an empirical distribution built from the reproducibility quality of the(More)
BACKGROUND Spectral counting is a shotgun proteomics approach comprising the identification and relative quantitation of thousands of proteins in complex mixtures. However, this strategy generates bewildering amounts of data whose biological interpretation is a challenge. RESULTS Here we present a new algorithm, termed GO Explorer (GOEx), that leverages(More)
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