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Intermale aggression is a natural form of psychosocial stress that can alter a variety of physiological functions, including immune function. In Experiment 1, daily fighting between pairs of previously isolated male mice differentially altered immunological measures of T-cell responsiveness in dominant and submissive animals. Submissive mice had lower(More)
BACKGROUND Detection and management of antenatal risk factors is critical for improved maternal and infant outcomes. This study describes the proportion of pregnant women who self-reported being screened for and offered advice to manage antenatal risk factors in line with antenatal care recommendations; and the characteristics associated with rates of(More)
LY210825, a recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator (rt-PA), which contains the kringle-2 and serine protease functional domains of native tissue-type plasminogen activator, was previously produced by site-directed mutagenesis in a Syrian hamster cell line. We studied the thrombolytic potential of this molecule in a canine thrombosis model. Male(More)
Depression or its treatment with antidepressant agents may have an impact on the normal function of the immune system. To address this issue in an animal model, we studied the effect of maprotiline and desipramine treatment of mice on several immunological activities associated with host resistance to cancer and infections. Our results indicate that chronic(More)
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