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Software Development Environments (SDEs) provide a means to integrate developers with the software process and the supporting technology. Since during software development many information resources are produced and used, it is very important to add semantics to them in order to improve the assistance given by the environment. In this context, ontologies(More)
Since software agents provide solutions to complex computational problems, Software Development Environments (SDEs) can benefit themselves from this technology. This paper presents an infrastructure (AgeODE) to support the development of agents to run into a SDE called ODE, Ontology-based software Development Environment. The infrastructure defines four(More)
Knowledge Management (KM) main goals are to promote growth, communication, preservation and sharing of knowledge. In KM, software agents can be used to connect organizations' members to the knowledge available. Agents can help especially on knowledge filtering and proactive dissemination (knowledge delivery). When KM services are integrated into a Process(More)
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