Juliana Pereira Machado

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A quantitative evaluation of specific and nonspecific multiple unit activity (MUA) before and during pentylenetetrazol-induced EEG tonic-clonic discharges (OTCD) was made at four levels of the CNS: cortical, thalamic, mesencephalic, and pontine. In addition, MUA of sciatic nerve was recorded to detect possible spinal cord efferent discharges. At all levels,(More)
In 60 cases operated on for the treatment of tremor, the insertion of an electrode that measured 1 mm in diameter produced complete arrest (40 cases) or significant decrease (20 cases) of the tremor on the contralateral side. The area where such effect was obtained was studied in AP and lateral radiograms. Using a method of standardization of the size of(More)
The effect of thalamic (Vo), subthalamic (Raprl) and combined (Vo-Raprl) unilateral lesions on early and late components of the somatic evoked potentials (SEPs) was investigated in a group of 16 cases operated on for the treatment of contralateral dyskinetic movements. In these cases, SEPs were independently produced by stimulation of the left and right(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine and to analyze the theoretical and practical knowledge of Nursing professionals on indirect blood pressure measurement. METHODS This cross-sectional study included 31 professionals of a coronary care unit (86% of the Nursing staff in the unit). Of these, 38.7% of professionals were nurses and 61.3% nurse technicians. A validated(More)
The effect of chlormadinone acetate (24 mg/day) upon the plasma levels of pituitary gonadotropins and gonadal hormones on the number of generalized convulsions and spike EEG density was investigated in a group of epileptic children with intractable seizures and with clinical signs suggestive of hyperandrogenism. In each case, the effect of chlormadinone was(More)
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