Juliana Paulo Da Silva

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Silicon soft suction sockets (roll-on sleeves) currently used in passive prostheses for below-elbow amputees could also be used in externally powered prostheses, enhancing their functionality and comfort. However, as it is extremely difficult to hold currently used electromyography (EMG) sensors in place reliably within a silicon socket, an alternative(More)
Irradiation of a stellar atmosphere by an external source (e.g. an AGN) changes its structure and therefore its spectrum. Using a state-of-the-art stellar atmosphere code, we calculate the infrared spectra of such irradiated and transformed stars. We show that the original spectrum of the star, which is dominated by molecular bands, changes dramatically(More)
The genus Ransonia Blandin, 1979 (Arachnida: Araneae) was established with description of a new species, Ransonia mahasoana of the family Pisauridae (Arachnida: Araneae) endemic from Mahasoa, Madagascar. Unfortunately, this name is preoccupied by Ransonia Kramp, 1947, a genus of the family Rhopalonematidae (Hydrozoa: Trachymedusae) with only one species,(More)
Vinasse (or stillage) is a byproduct from ethanol production, which contains organic matter, K, N, and other plant nutrients that is regularly used as soil fertilizer. However, high transportation costs limits its application in areas far from distilleries. The possibility of biogas production from vinasse, and the direct or indirect advantages of its use,(More)
We design a field experiment to test a new mechanism intended to limit local elite capture in the context of decentralized control over public resources. We offer residents in randomly assigned communities vouchers that can be contributed to a public good or cashed out (at a lower rate). Control communities receive block grants. We observe that discussions(More)
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