Juliana Paula Felipe de Oliveira

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The effects of replacement of sugarcane by spineless cactus (0, 33, 66, and 100 % on dry matter (DM) basis) were evaluated on intake, digestibility of nutrients, ingestive behavior, and performance of finishing lambs. Thirty-six non-castrated Santa Ines lambs at 4 months of age and an initial body weight of 22 ± 2.3 kg were assigned in a randomized block(More)
Objective The fresh sugarcane has been a new roughage source for ruminant's in semiarid region, in function of the decadence of sugar and alcohol industry in the last years. However, the date published for lambs fed sugarcane associated with spineless cactus is scared. This study evaluated the effect of sugarcane replacement with spineless cactus (0, 33,(More)
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