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Pressure sores are the most common complication associated with patient immobilization. They develop through sustained localized tissue strain and stress, primarily caused by body supports. Modifying support design can reduce the risk and extent of pressure sore development with computational simulations helping to provide insight into tissue stress-strain(More)
The most common complication associated with immobilization is pressure sores caused by sustained localized tissue strain and stress. Computational simulations have provided insight into tissue stress-strain distribution, subject to loading conditions. In the simulation process, adequate soft tissue material parameters are indispensable. An in vivo(More)
Parasite host switches may trigger disease emergence, but prehistoric host ranges are often unknowable. Lymphatic filariasis and loiasis are major human diseases caused by the insect-borne filarial nematodes Brugia, Wuchereria and Loa. Here we show that the genomes of these nematodes and seven tropical bird lineages exclusively share a novel(More)
BACKGROUND Finite element (FE) simulations of mechanical tissue loading help provide insight into internal tissue stress and strain distribution. Thus, better understanding of pressure sore aetiology and pressure sore prophylaxis can be acquired. Indispensable in the simulation process is adequate mechanical description of interacting soft tissue and body(More)
Amazonian understory antbirds are thought to be relatively sedentary and to have limited dispersal ability; they avoid crossing forest gaps, and even narrow roads through a forest may limit their territories. However, most evidence for sedentariness in antbirds comes from field observations and plot-based recapture of adult individuals, which do not provide(More)
Tropical bird assemblages display patterns of high alpha and beta diversity and, as tropical birds exhibit strong habitat specificity, their spatial distributions are generally assumed to be driven primarily by environmental heterogeneity and interspecific interactions. However, spatial distributions of some Amazonian forest birds are also often restricted(More)
In the investigation of a number of microbiological parameters it is often necessary to add small amounts of solutions of highly effective substances over a considerable length of time, with great accuracy, at a constant slow rate and mostly under sterile conditions. One of the known methods of doing this is the use of a mechanism which lifts a container(More)
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