Juliana M M Andrade

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Besifloxacin (BSF) is a synthetic chiral fluoroquinolone developed for the topical treatment of ophthalmic infections. The present study reports the development and validation of a microbiological assay, applying the cylinder-plate method, for determination of BSF in ophthalmic suspension. To assess this methodology, the development and validation of the(More)
Successful animal rearing under laboratory conditions for commercial processes or laboratory experiments is a complex chain that includes several stressors (e.g., sampling and transport) and incurs, as a consequence, the reduction of natural animal conditions, economic losses and inconsistent and unreliable biological results. Since the invasion of the(More)
BACKGROUND Ferns are a group of plants that have been little explored from a chemical and biological perspective but that have interesting potential, occurring in various parts of the world. OBJECTIVE This work investigates the chemical profile and the biological effects of ferns from Brazil. MATERIALS AND METHODS Analyses were performed using rapid(More)
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