Juliana Julianelli de Araújo

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OBJECTIVE This study investigated the prevalence of dental wear in 12-year-old adolescents using a modification of the tooth wear index (TWI). The modifications were proposed in order to fit with the World Health Organization standard, thus allowing application of the index in broad epidemiological surveys. STUDY DESIGN An epidemiological cross-sectional(More)
Talon cusp is an uncommon condition often present in the maxillary incisors and mandibular premolars. Morphologically, this anomaly has a well-delineated cusp that extends at least half the distance from the cementoenamel junction or cingulum area to the incisal edge. The alteration can cause clinical problems such as caries or occlusal interference.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate, in vitro, the effect of an experimental varnish containing iron on the dissolution of bovine enamel by carbonated beverage. METHODS Eighty specimens were randomly allocated to four groups (n=20 per group), according to the following treatments: Fe varnish (FeV, 10 mmol/L Fe), F varnish (FV, 2.71% F),(More)
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