Juliana Jaafar

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Recently computers have proved to be great tools for different kinds of collaborative works. The biggest challenge of computer integrated learning has been used to support collaborative learning activities for students while they sit in front of computer screens. Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) technology enhances this challenge by providing a large workspace(More)
Recently, technology of interactive whiteboard has been used in schools instead of ordinary whiteboard. It has potential to improve educational environment and teacher-student interaction. Therefore, this paper introduces a new design of interactive board system. The system aims to enhance a low cost interactive whiteboard system for extensive usages as(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become the prominent distributed computing paradigm nowadays. One of the technologies that enable the running of SOA is web services. In its nature of similar to peer-to-peer communication, web services involve customer who requests for the service and provider who provides the service. As a result, web services(More)
Requirements elicitation is a crucial task in any software development process. It is notable as a major contributor to the project failure. To minimize and subsequently improve the process, folding Mind Map concept in the elicitation process and implementing it collaboratively is being proposed in this study. The aim of the study is to study the impact of(More)
Complaint handling process is to differentiate acceptable and unacceptable complaint. With the new era of technology, a lot of web-based applications are developed. Complaint management system also should be implemented on-line. Developing a web-based complaint management system need strong foundation design, especially on the complaint handling process.(More)
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