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—In this paper we analyze several strategies for the estimation of the roughness parameter of the G 0 I distribution. It has been shown that this distribution is able to characterize a large number of targets in monopolarized SAR imagery, deserving the denomination of " Universal Model. " It is indexed by three parameters: the number of looks (which can be(More)
Plants containing resveratrol have been used effectively in traditional medicine for over 2000 years. It can be found in some plants, fruits, and derivatives, such as red wine. Therefore, it can be administered by either consuming these natural products or intaking nutraceutical pills. Resveratrol exhibits a wide range of beneficial properties, and this may(More)
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images are usually corrupted by a signal-dependent non-additive noise called speckle. This makes difficult the segmentation, object identification, and feature extraction within this kind of images. In this work we propose the combination of local fractal estimation and B-Spline based active contours as a solution for the(More)
We present an approach for polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image region boundary detection based on the use of B-Spline active contours and a new model for polarimetric SAR data: the G H P distribution. In order to detect the boundary of a region, initial B-Spline curves are specified, either automatically or manually, and the proposed algorithm(More)
Stack filters are a special case of non-linear filters. They have a good performance for filtering images with different types of noise while preserving edges and details. A stack filter decomposes an input image into several binary images according to a set of thresholds. Each binary image is filtered by a Boolean function. The Boolean function that(More)
In this paper a new approach to polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image region boundary detection is presented. It is based on a new model for polarimetric SAR data and the use of B-Spline active contours for image segmentation. In order to detect the boundary for a region, an initial B-Spline curve is specified and the proposed algorithm uses a(More)
Tracking objects in image sequences is a difficult problem because of the frequent occlusions encountered among the objects and people. In this paper, a method for tracking objects through occlusions based on a level set technique, is presented. Two ca.ses are considered: 1-the object is obstructed by another one of a different color. 2-the object is(More)
This work proposes the integration of geographical databases and topographic environment models within current flight simulators technology. This process requires the definition of standard interfaces to integrate different geographical data sources in the topographic environment model, then the visualization and edition of the topographic environment, and(More)