Juliana Galvani Greghi

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This paper aims at providing a general description for DIADORIM, a lexical database for Brazilian Portuguese. DIADORIM is said to successively merge two very different previous application-oriented dictionaries, increasing their user-friendliness, the reusability of their entries and their capability of incorporating new features. Besides improving the(More)
Many requirement documents are written in natural language and, therefore, may contain problems such as inconsistencies and ambiguities. To minimize these problems, there is a trend in Software Engineering to use models to represent systems. These models are obtained from textual requirements. However, manual modelling is a complex task and, in order to do(More)
Product Families are gaining interest because of the increasing demand for customizable products. However, testing a Product Family is a difficult task, in special, for dependable products, in which the exception handling must also be well tested. Model-based testing (MBT) can be useful for testing Product Families, in which a behavior model can be obtained(More)
It is well known in Software Engineering that the cost of eliminating requirements faults increases when these faults are revealed. Therefore, it is important to express requirements in a way that it would be possible to validate them as early as possible in the development cycle. Use Cases (UC) are a popular format to represent requirements. On the other(More)
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